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Forms of Poetry - Learn and enhance your knowledge

There are various forms of poetry and in this developed   forms of poetry,  poems  have different elements  too . The rhyming scheme, meter  are different elements of the poem. These elements of the poem are based on the set of rule that govern the  elegy (funeral poem)to the villanelle. Villanelle actually is a lyrical poem that contains nineteen lines which have two rhymes in whole poem  and have some lines repeated. Here are some forms of poetry that are mostly used in different languages :
Sonnet  is one of the form of poetry popular from late middle ages. Sonnet word is actually derived from the word “sonetto” which is an Italian word. Sonetto means a little song. Sonnet consists of 14 lines. It has a rhymic scheme. Sonnet is written in a iambic pentameter.
Types of sonnet:
Sonnet has six types:
1)      Spenserian  Sonnet
2)      Italian Sonnet
3)      Curtal Sonnet
4)      Miltonic Sonnet
5)      Shakesperian Sonnet
6)      Terza Rima Sonnet
VILLANELLE is a form of poetry that have nineteen lines and have some lines repeated. Normally a villanelle has five stanzas that contains three lines each. This form of poetry  helps in expanding their rhyming  vocabulary. This form came to England from France at the end of 18th Century.
It is a famous form of poetry. It is a lyric poem which have fixed number of verses. Ghazal is normally on the theme of love, pain of loss and separation. It is an ancient form of poetry. It consists of five to fifteen couplets that are independent couplets usually have two lines that rhyme and have same length.
1)      Mirza Ghalib
2)      Gulzar
3)      Javed Akhtar
4)      Sahir Ludhianvi
5)      Rahat Indori
6)      Ahmad Faraz
7)      Majrooh Sultaanpuri
1)      Ghulam Ali
2)      Mehdi Hassan
3)      Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
4)      Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
5)      Jagjit Singh
6)      Asha Bhosle
7)      K.L. Saigal
8)      Anup Jalota

     Poetry of different forms have different genres and sub genres. A poetry genre is categorization of the poetry based on style of writing, literary characteristics and subject matter of the poetry. Here are  some genres of the poetry:


     It is the genre of the poetry which depicts story. It is actually the voice of narrator and the voice of its characters too.The whole story is written in verse. Narrative poetry doesn't need rhyming style in its structure. Narrative poetry can be long or short. This genre of poem includes Epics and Ballads.
William Shakespeare

     Shakespeare is one of the famous narrative poets.


    Lyric poetry is one of the famous genres of poetry which is mostly used by the poets in their collection of poems. It is the type of poetry which expresses personal emotions or feelings and state of mind. It is the ancient genre of the poetry. This type of poetry has musical quality. This genre of poetry depicts the state of mind and feelings of the poet.


    This genre of poem depicts a dramatic story in the poem. There are many characters in the story of the poem. The hero is the main character of the story of the poetry that has superhuman courage and kindness. This kind of poetry includes super natural forces like god, demons and angles. In Indian Mythology "Mahabharata" is one of the examples of epic poetry.


    Satire poetry can be a powerful weapon for satire. This genre of poetry is famous in Romans written for political purposes. This genre of poetry is used by poets to expose and criticize about something if it is about individual or society by use of humour and irony.


    An elegy is a melancholy especially a sad song (funeral song) for the dead or burial. This song is written to expressing the feeling of sorrow for someone who is dead or burial or in the praise of the dead. This form of poetry is actually written for expressing the feeling of an individual.


    Dramatic Poetry is actually a drama that is especially written in verse to be sung by the characters of scene or drama. Dramatic Poetry depicts a specific situation and poetry have emotional story.


     Prose poetry is a genre in which poetry is written in prose form instead of the verse or it shows the attributes of both prose and verse. Prose poetry has characteristics like imagery and emotional effects.


    The fable is an ancient genre. This genre is a literary genre. It can be in prose or verse. This genre features animals, forces of nature, legendary creatures and plants they are actually anthropomorphize and it will provide moral too. These fables have a variety of rhyme patterns. “The Lamb and The Wolves” is one of the examples of verse fables.
     These are the different genres of poetry in which the poets write their poetry.

Poetry is the actual feelings of the poet. Poetry enhances the imagination and the words collection of the poets to write their poetry. There are many writers famous for their poetry on YouTube and Instagram. Here are the few names of the writers who are famous for the poetry:

     Famous poetry of Nidhi Narwal:

    Famous poetry of yahya bootwala:

    120 seconds
    Famous poetry of Darshan Rajpurohit:


    Famous poetry of Jai Ojha:

    Famous poetry of Priya Malik:

    Right To Learn

    These are the names of the writers who are famous on YouTube and Instagram for their poetry. These poets win the hearts of our youth with their beautiful words.


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