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Forms of Poetry - Learn and enhance your knowledge

FORMS OF POETRY :  COLLECTION OF POEMS There are various forms of poetry and in this developed   forms of poetry,  poems  have different elements  too . The rhyming scheme, meter  are different elements of the poem. These elements of the poem are based on the set of rule that govern the  elegy (funeral poem)to the villanelle. Villanelle actually is a lyrical poem that contains nineteen lines which have two rhymes in whole poem  and have some lines repeated. Here are some forms of poetry that are mostly used in different languages : SONNET Sonnet  is one of the form of poetry popular from late middle ages. Sonnet word is actually derived from the word “sonetto” which is an Italian word. Sonetto means a little song. Sonnet consists of 14 lines. It has a rhymic scheme. Sonnet is written in a iambic pentameter. Types of sonnet: Sonnet has six types: 1)Spenserian  Sonnet 2)Italian Sonnet 3)Curtal Sonnet 4)Miltonic Sonnet 5)Shakesperian Sonnet 6)Terza Rima Sonnet VILLANELLE is a form of poetry that hav…