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Ghazal Writers- Proud of Literature

Ghazal is a famous form of poetry. It is a lyric poem which have fixed number of verses. Ghazal is normally based on theme of love, separation, pain of loss and beauty of love. Ghazal is an ancient form of poetry.
 It consists of five to fifteen couplets that are independent couplets usually have two lines that rhyme and have same length. Do you know names of Ghazal writers? No, okay. I have added few names of Ghazal writers in my first blog Forms of poetry. You will get to know about  Ghazal writers and singers there. So i am here for you to let you know about Ghazal. The word Ghazal is derived from the Arabic word "gazal". The Ghazal is a poem that consists of rhyming couplets. Each couplet of the Ghazal is called Sher or Bayt. Normally every Ghazal have twelve couplets or Sher.
The first Sher of Ghazal is called Matlaa and the last Sher of Ghazal is called Maqtaa/maktaa.
Famous Ghazal Writers :
Mirza Ghalib Gulzar Javed Akhtar Sahir Ludhianvi Rahat Indori Ahmad Faraz Majrooh Sultaa…
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Poetic lines on love just for you

You would go to doctor whenever you feel sick. Right, if you feel sick in love, lost or got separated. Here are my writings for you. Some People are very shy and they can't express their feelings out to someone. But i think expressing out your feelings is important. I think people who buried their feelings in their heart are really very good in poetry or any form of art. They express them out with the art very beautifully. Their piece of art speaks everything, every emotion about them. This is what i think. Besides, i am here for those people who are not expressive. I am sharing here some happy, romantic and sad poetry with you. I hope you are going to love it.

Awaaz na dena hume jaana, ke hum lot aayenge,
Badi mushkil se duriya banayi hai humne tujhse
Tu khush reh bus, hum isi akelepan mein fir lot jaayenge

If you want to listen this full piece written by me click here

Gulshan si ho gayi hai zindagi,
Kabhi khud se mohabbat tammam kiya karte the..
Jab se ulfat hui hai tumse, sapn…

50 Poetry Writing Ideas to enhance your creativity for writing poetry.

The poetry writing ideas are for your writing practice. Sometimes when we start to write poetry on a blank  page, words doesn't flow. So the poetry writing ideas can help you for a great start and write amazing poetry piece. These poetry writing ideas will be useful for you if you love writing poetry and improve the skills of writing.
Mostly writing ideas from this list are simple and interesting about which you people can write in your style, your experience and your thoughts. If any poetry idea from the list doesn't appeal to you to write about, challenge yourself to write about that topic. It will enhance your imagination and improve your writing practice. So here are the poetry writing ideas for you. These 50 Poetry writing ideas will help you in improving your writing and will make your collection of poems interesting.

MOONLIGHT : Beauty of moonlight while sitting under sky, comparing moonlight with your…

Collection of Poems- My Words Your Feelings

Collection of poems is a treasure of variety of poems by one poet. It includes number of poems. The number of poems in collection can be from a few to hundreds of poems . Collection of poems may also be called "Anthology". Normally poems included in single volume of poetry but most of poets publish several volumes of poetry. Poetry enhances the imagination and writing skills of the poet.
Poetry is the one thing which makes poets happy. You will get mine poems here on this blog. Here are my poems for you. Your feelings, my words. Here is the collection of the Poems relatable to your life experience. Poetry about your life journey.

Jo apni aankho mein hairaaniya leke chal rahe ho, to zinda ho tum
Agar tum chahte ho ye zindagi hawa si guzar jaaye, to kya hi kaayar insaan ho tum
Jese shayro ki mehfil mein koi nazm na sunaaye, to mehfil mein bethne ka kya maza
bus ese hi zindagi mein kuch hairaaniyo ko paar na kiya ,to zindagi jeene ka kya maza

Hairaaniya tumhari zindagi mein saza to…

Poems about life- Poems about mother's love, nature and relationships.

Poetry is the one beautiful way to express your feelings. A poet pen down his all feelings, state of mind and life episodes in poetry. The people who cant express their feelings to their family, friends and other people that kind of people have magic in their words. The writings of these people are magical. Poetry is a big subject . Poetry is all about life, how we live, how we survive, how we enjoy. Poetry is about one's magical life, dreams, feelings, heart breakdowns and hardships. Poetry is the world in itself which may have everything  birth, relationships, love, success, breakdowns, happiness, melancholy and death.. Poetry is the way to tell how one view the world. Poetry is what one feels, what one survives in their life. It includes tales of friendship and romance.
Her hands held me gently from the day I took my first breath.
Her hands helped to guide me as I took my first step.
Her hands held me close when the tears would start to fall.
Her hands were quick to show me that s…

Poetry Books are the treasure of poems and words

Poetry books are actually the treasure of the poems which includes amazing poetry. Poetry books are like the world for the poets in which they write, live and share their thoughts and experiences. Poetry is one of the arts which actually captures the emotions beautifully. Poetry is good for the soul.
Reading Poetry is not about entertainment. There are many benefits of reading poetry books.

Improves Clear thinking

Reading Poetry books  improves the clear thinking of the readers. It enhance their words collection. By reading booking books the skills of the reader developed to give control over their language.
Engagement with other forms of arts
Poetry  is one of the forms of the arts. When someone  love poetry they get engaged with other forms of arts too. It develops interest for the other forms of art too.
Improve verbal skills
Reading Poetry helps to improve the vocabulary and  verbal communication. Poetry Books introduces the reader to the unfamiliar…

Forms of Poetry - Learn and enhance your knowledge

FORMS OF POETRY :  COLLECTION OF POEMS There are various forms of poetry and in this developed   forms of poetry,  poems  have different elements  too . The rhyming scheme, meter  are different elements of the poem. These elements of the poem are based on the set of rule that govern the  elegy (funeral poem)to the villanelle. Villanelle actually is a lyrical poem that contains nineteen lines which have two rhymes in whole poem  and have some lines repeated. Here are some forms of poetry that are mostly used in different languages : SONNET Sonnet  is one of the form of poetry popular from late middle ages. Sonnet word is actually derived from the word “sonetto” which is an Italian word. Sonetto means a little song. Sonnet consists of 14 lines. It has a rhymic scheme. Sonnet is written in a iambic pentameter. Types of sonnet: Sonnet has six types: 1)Spenserian  Sonnet 2)Italian Sonnet 3)Curtal Sonnet 4)Miltonic Sonnet 5)Shakesperian Sonnet 6)Terza Rima Sonnet VILLANELLE is a form of poetry that hav…